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EB5 Visa Program Open To Worldwide Investors

One of the ways to achieve wealth in the United States is to go through EB5, which is an employment based visa program. Even in the midst of a poor economy, immigrants continue to move to America in hopes of making their dreams come true. If you’ve always dreamed of investing in a company and earning your green card, the EB5 visa program can be a great option. Although the investment amount is high to participate in the EB5 visa program, the benefits that can be gained are valuable. It is important to understand how the EB5 visa program works, as well as any privacy concerns that may be involved.

Participation in the EB5 visa program

The Immigration Act of 1990 included the establishment and incorporation of EB5. This act was intended to bring back a competitive edge into the gradually declining United States economy. The law was also made to provide motivation to varying regions of the world with significantly below average economic activity and employment generation.

To participate in the EB5 visa program, you must invest $1 million U.S. dollars in a viable corporation. You can also invest $500,000 U.S. dollars through a pilot program in a targeted employment area. If you choose the $500,000 investment, you must make it through a regional center (RC).

The EB5 visa program must be with a commercial corporation that is  generating a profit. Typically, the investments are put toward incorporating a new establishment or obtaining stocks in an existing establishment. An investor interested in obtaining a green card through the EB5 visa program must generate full-time, direct employment for a minimum of ten United States citizens. These full time positions must be generated within two years of arriving in America.

Benefits of the EB5 visa program

While many people seek out the EB5 visa program to obtain a green card, there are several other key benefits of this program. As long as the green card is valid, you can take your family with you and live, work, and retire wherever you choose in the United States. You are not required to manage your investment or the organization that you invested in on a daily basis. After you’ve lived in the United States for five years, you can file for United States citizenship.

Privacy concerns involved with the EB5 visa program

One of the biggest concerns among EB5 investors is privacy. Investors don’t want to be hounded with constant inquiries from the government, competitor businesses, and potential plaintiffs. Acquiring United States assets under a different name than the investors is an ideal way to maintain privacy. Many investors choose to include a trust with a generic name and a third-party trustee or a legal entity.

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