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How The EB5 Visa Program Helps Your Family

There are several ways that you can help your family immigrate to the United States legally, including the EB5 visa program. This visa program is a government employment program in which potential immigrants interested in a visa must invest in a United States business. In exchange for their investment, the foreign national can live and work in the United States with their immediate family for the rest of their life. You must meet the requirements to the EB5 visa program for approval as a foreign investor to take advantage of the benefits of this visa program.

Requirements of the EB5 visa program

There are two basic requirements for a foreign national to qualify for the EB5 visa program. The first requirement is that most regional centers have a minimum investment amount of $1 million. There are also a select number of approved projects that require an initial investment of $500,000. The commercial enterprise that the investor funds must benefit the United States economy. The second requirement is that the investment has to generate a minimum of 10 full-time jobs for United States citizens. This requirement must be met within your first two years of living in the United States.

Approval as a foreign investor under the EB5 visa program

Once you have been approved as a foreign investor under the EB5 visa program, you will be guaranteed a temporary visa. Within the 90 days before your two year green card anniversary, you can re-apply for permanent residency. If you receive permanent residency, you and your immediate family may live, work, and eventually retire in the United States for the duration of your lives.

Benefits of the EB5 visa program

After an EB5 visa program foreign investor has received approval, their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 will also receive green cards. You are not able to extend this offer to any other family members or friends. However, the benefits the EB5 visa program offer for your immediate family are significant. If you’ve always dreamed of giving your family a chance to succeed in America, the EB5 visa program is one way to make these dreams come true.

With a visa from the  EB5 visa program, you and your family aren’t required to stay in the United States all the time. Once you have your green card, you can travel outside of the United States as you wish. You can go back to visit family in your native country or take a vacation to the destination of your choosing. You will be required to present your EB5 visa when you travel.

EB5 visa program investors aren’t required to speak or read English, have a set level of education, or have any business experience. As a foreign investor in this program, you also aren’t required to be involved in your business on a daily basis.

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