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Pamela Thomas

Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service                                                           June 1980 to Present

  • Duties include but were not limited to delivering mail parcels to citizens and businesses of Beaumont, Texas along with any other duties specified by the immediate supervisor.

Pamela also holds several positions for the Spindle top Branch 842 of the National Association of Letter Carriers. Most recently she have served as Vice President for the last two terms. Term will end on December 31, 2012 when newly elected officers will take over.

The following is a list of other positions held in the Union

  • Stewart: Police NALC contract; represent members’ whose rights have been violated.
  • Vice President: acts as President in elected Presidents’ absence.

In 2009 to present

  • Volunteer and Foster Parent, Child Protective Services. 
  • Certified parental guardian and child care provider.
  • Continued involvement with the Child Protective Services division in Jefferson County, to further the mission of providing children with a safe environment to grow and be nurtured in.

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