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Our Story

Hope Housing Foundation can Help

Hope Housing Foundation (HOPE) is a Texas nonprofit corporation dedicated to the creation and preservation of affordable workforce housing for low to moderate income families and individuals, and community development. The Foundation, which is headquartered in McKinney, Texas, was incorporated as a 501(C)(3) in 1998. As a nonprofit organization committed to housing, HOPE reinvests excess revenues in its charitable mission. HOPE has a business model that will position us as one of the most effective, impactful nonprofit affordable workforce housing organizations in the Country.

Imagine not having a place to live. Imagine having no address. Imagine trying to provide for your family while living in a car, a shelter, or on the city streets. Now, imagine having your own home, with your own bed, and your own yard, and your own address. Imagine that reality. That is what we do at HOPE Housing Foundation – we turn dreams into realities for those who have found themselves homeless and in some cases hopeless. We are committed to providing a path for vulnerable populations to go from homelessness into a home, keeping families intact while finding tangible solutions to combatting and ending homelessness in the communities we serve, and turning the dream of home ownership into a reality.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in 2014, 19,177 persons were homeless in Texas. They have found themselves homeless due to the devastating effects of poverty, the loss of a job, long-term unemployment, domestic violence, and mental illness among other things. One of the main causes of families finding themselves homeless is the lack of affordable housing. Housing costs are rising all over the United States. People are finding themselves priced out of the rental market and home ownership has become an impossible dream for a large segment of our population.

HOPE Housing Foundation is doing our part to change this by creating a path to home ownership and providing housing to our community by making single family and muli-family housing affordable to our low/moderate/middle income families. We are able to go into targeted neighborhoods, identify and take over mismanaged properties, rehabilitate and restore them and make these properties available to meet the needs of families and individuals who need safe, affordable, and quality housing.

By investing in impoverished homes and complexes, we are able to revitalize communities, change lives, and make an impact on neighborhoods. HOPE Housing Foundation is vested in making sure that everyone can find safe, decent, affordable housing where they work, shop, and go to school, while enjoying the benefits of community. We are investing in families and combatting homelessness, making what seems to be the impossible, possible.

Our foundation is making meaningful inroads into providing housing for our homeless population and enhancing the quality of life for families, seniors, and those with special needs. We are vested in this complex journey of providing housing to a vulnerable population that knows the devastating effects of homelessness, poverty, mental illness, and aging. As agents of change, we are committed to bringing and restoring life into families and communities.