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Hope Housing Foundation to Develop the Proposed Veterans’ Village of Port Lavaca

Hope Housing, a leader in developing and managing high quality, affordable housing communities, will be delivering new, innovatively planned housing with abundant resources for Port Lavaca military veterans and their families. This is a unique and innovative approach to quality comprehensive housing.

Veterans Village will be a quality 20-acre housing program for veterans in Port Lavaca, Texas that will be attached to the existing Sea Green apartment homes. The new development in the city of Port Lavaca will feature 110 one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom single family residences. The property also provides garage attachments for residents. Geared towards resident’s needs, there will be a dedicated open space that is planned to feature a community public garden, a community center that will host a fitness center, and large conference rooms.

“It’s a strategic step in achieving our longer-term vision that every person will live in a strong, healthy, sustainable community. We support affordable housing projects and we will do all that we can to help them get built here. This action puts to best use currently vacant land to create housing for those most in need,” said Alvin Johnson, President of Hope Housing Foundation.

“We want to provide affordable housing for families and individuals from all walks of life, and we are especially honored to support this development that will help fill the critical demand for housing in our community. This is the respect and dignity we need to do as a community,” said Lydia Jones.

All of the units will be handled through various referral agencies and organizations including service providers, community partners, and Veteran Centers.

For further details, please join us at the Veteran Town Hall meeting on Monday, May 16th from 6:30pm-8pm at VFW Post 4403 : 16 Konrad Road, Port Lavaca, Texas 77979.

Hope Housing Foundation (HOPE) is a Texas nonprofit corporation dedicated to the promotion, and creation of quality affordable housing for seniors, students, and low to moderate income families. Our goal is to provide quality affordable housing as well as offer community development programs, resident services, educational scholarships, and further activities and programs that will enhance the lives of the residents and communities we serve.”

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