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Partner With Us

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Investors are important to our mission and to helping us assist families find quality, affordable homes.  By partnering with us, you are meeting a critical need and helping the most vulnerable families in our population.  Your support makes it possible for families to transition out of shelters and into homes and neighborhoods where they have a chance to bring structure to the family unit, develop meaningful relationships within the community, and become productive, contributing members to the greater society.

HOPE Housing Foundation is committed to giving kids a home and helping them ease the trauma brought on by homelessness; investors are critical in making this happen.  We can only achieve our goals by having partners who are also committed to helping families and kids who are living in crisis and assist them in focusing on long-term planning.  Our passion extends to not only providing permanent housing but also helping families achieve stability, invest in their futures, and moving them out of poverty.  Your investment in our foundation and in the population we serve is extremely important.  By partnering with us, you will help us strengthen family bonds, impact lives, and help families’ transition successfully from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

Hope Housing Foundation utilizes several strategies to ensure a successful purchase, rehabilitation, and stabilization of a new acquisition. These strategies include but are not limited to; purchasing the development at a low per unit cost and completely addressing all necessary deferred maintenance. In many cases it is necessary to replenish the development with the necessary operational items such as new appliances and make ready tools.  All un-rentable units are addressed immediately to begin increasing occupancy and stabilizing the development, while maintaining a focus on reducing the operational expenses.. Lastly, curb appeal is a big draw, and Hope focuses heavily on the right presentation of each development, so all issues projecting a negative image are addressed immediately.

Hope, through its wholly owned subsidiary Assertive Management Group, LLC reduces the developments operating expenses in several ways. Such actions include, but are not limited to, the implementation of inventory control procedures, applying preventative maintenance practices, hiring qualified maintenance staff, and providing training to onsite employees.

By applying these techniques, Hope has the ability to leverage additional capital for rehabilitation and stabilization. The total amount leveraged is at or below 50% of the stabilized value of the development.

A limited partnership structure and mezzanine debt financing (with a conversion option to ownership) are two of the structures utilized for acquiring and rehabilitating the developments. Traditional bank financing is used as the senior debt vehicle and preferred equity is used for the difference. After eighteen to thirty six months of efficient operations and management (maximizing the rent growth opportunity and increasing occupancy to market levels), the developments are considered stable. at this time the process begins to reposition the debt for a return of equity and refinance of senior debt for long term hold.

Partners are encouraged to inquire: